Corporate Philosophy

“HAPPY” customers in a “happy” society... That is what us “happy”

- For the pursuit of business making everyone happy ...
Having this motto in mind, we have been focusing our business in the realm of parking, a part of the urban infrastructure. Our effort is on its way.
We have been transforming the parking lot business, its perceptions and the market for the greatest happiness with the maximized profit.

Since the establishment our company, we have put our effort in parking lot business evolution and in finding the structure to make everyone happy. Backed by the "Happy Triangle" concept, our efforts culminated into our methods, which are generating quite an extraordinary business momentum.

Safety and Comfort in Motorization

"Safety" is essential basis of our lives.
We have the obligation to give careful thought on the safety issues. Parking lot business is an indispensable part of motorization. We should act on the safety issues as a part of our corporate citizenry responsibilities. NPD promises to continue tackling on the safety issues through our business activities.

Not just another parking space, but parking with real “service industry” concepts

Transforming what "parking lot business has been" to the "future of parking business"
Our venture is to dramatically transform the business structure of parking and the perception of its businesses. First, we are-evaluating parking business as to what a bona fide "service industry" player should be. Our relentless effort for parking business evolution continues.