Message from President and CEO

I am very pleased to announce that our stocks are now listed at the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange since January 2005. In addition, we are re-listed at JASDAQ Securities Exchange starting March 2005. These were made possible with the substantial support from our customers and shareholders. I truly appreciate all your patronage to our company. We will continue our effort to enhance our corporate value by retaining the recognition of upgraded credibility from the listing at First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange combined with the outlook of growth potential from the JASDAQ Exchange listing.

Since the inception our group has been operating under the principle of making every person involved in our business happy. We have been putting continuous effort in providing solutions benefiting the parking space owners, facility users and eventually the society at large. For the term ending July 2005, we could successfully improve the profitability of our directly managed existing facilities, acquire and promptly start operating new high profile properties, and captured many consulting business opportunities including the ones for distributors and retailers on parking management, for parking business owners on renovation and safety management issues, and for large scale commercial facilities' parking construction projects. With these, we could renew our successful previous term and both our sales and profit dramatically increased.

The market environment for parking business is significantly changing with the application of asset impairment accounting, the trend of added emphasis on profitability by the property owners from the liquidation of real estates, and the start of the prompt law enforcement as well as the emergence of private subcontractors for controlling parking violations. We will continue our effort in this very public contributory business by providing high value-added solutions, adjusting to the dynamic market trends and catering to the needs of our customers.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Kazuhisa Tatsumi
President and CEO

  • Kazuhisa Tatsumi Bom January 4, 1968 Profile 1990 Graduated from Otani University 1991 Founded Nippon Parking Deve  opment, Co.Ltd. Accession to the president and