Cost Management

Parking Faciity Planning and Design

When planning and designing parking facilities, NPD provides support in customizing design, selecting systems/equipment, cost optimization in the construction management. Comprehensive points are considered including the characteristics of your facilities, operations and profit forecasts, safety issues, construction and maintenance costs, etc.

Facility Maintenance Plan

NPD supports your long-term facility maintenance plan including its conceptual education, risk estimation, and budgeting catered to the business status of each client.

Construction Management

NPD consultants assist you in constructing the optimized investment plans, reasonable cost estimation, ROI assessment for your large-scale renovations and facility upgrading planning.

Monthly Facilities Maintenance

Day-to-day maintenance keeps the facilities in good condition for mid-to-long term. NPD acts as an advisor in clarifying often-vague monthly maintenance checkpoints, tracking monthly maintenance status, keeping the maintenance history, and reviewing the repair proposals from construction companies.

Parking Fund

When selling parking facilities, NPD can serve as the acquisition end for the real estate owners who wish to balance off their properties. In this manner, NPD promotes the trading of parking facilities as profit generating real estate properties.