NPD supports your parking business in every angle including the hospitality management and value distinction for facilities in order to upgrade and give additional values to your services.

Parking Facility Design and Planning Solutions

The types of clients can vary by the characteristics of parking facilities and their locations. Also various types automobiles are now available more than ever such as the high rooftop type and large-size category. NPD is committed in our effort to pursue the ultimate usefulness in parking facilities by giving analysis on business characteristics and locations of each parking facilities.

  • Space layout, user flow analysis and signage design and planning support
  • Assistance in selecting parking facility system equipment

Operations Planning Solutions

Considering the characteristics, business environment, and operations outlook for your facilities, NPD helps your ideal vision of parking business come true with our organization planning and implementation assistance services.

  • Parking service fee planning
  • Making manuals for the facility operations
  • Planning the optimum number of parking attendants and their positioning
  • Support in HR and workforce training

Parking Facilities Operations Manning Services

Our group's highly experienced parking attendants can undertake and improve your service operations of timed parking facilities with fine-tuned and reliable services.

Valet Services

Valet services from our group's quality attendants with excellent customer care and driving techniques can also be provided. We will support your effort in improving your customers' satisfaction level, and the brand image of your business.