Profitability Management


Rent Proposal Report

For potential real estate investors, we create objective reports on the rent proposals based on the surrounding traffic environment and parking facility environment analysis.

Operational Profitability Estimate

Based on the characteristics of the facility, surrounding environment, operating hours, parking facilities, cost of operation, NPD gives you the operations forecasts and profitability estimate. Based on such reviews, NPD constructs optimized business operation plans for your parking business operations.

Activation of Unused Real Estate Assets as Revenue Sources

Catered to your goals and requests, NPD can propose customized asset activation plans with your real estate and parking facilities. For parking businesses using temporary leased properties, NPD can also present plans with comparative review on several management companies.

Parking Operations Services

NPD can comprehensively provide parking business operations mainly by subleasing unused spaces. This service activates unused real estate assets into stable profit sources and improves your revenue and virtual profitability by NPD sales and marketing attracting clients, handling contracts with them, and reducing the labor cost and workload of parking attendants.

Marketing Services to Attract Clients

With the accumulated business data since our inception and our competitive sales workforce, NPD handles marketing services for your parking facilities. By registering our web-based parking search your parking facilities will be exposed to wider client bases.