Risk Management

NPD's risk assessment and its results enable you to implement the risk management of your parking business.

Parking business, in its nature, has highly public service elements and it also contains relatively higher risk factors in the commercial facilities and office buildings. Any accident or discovery of lack of safety measures can cause some major damage to your business reputation and its values. Relatively lenient regulatory conditions of today should urge you to set even higher safety standard measures. NPD can assist you in establishing foundations for socially responsible parking management.

PSIP: Parking Safety Improvement Program

NPD assists you in setting clear safety standards with careful considerations on the structure and surrounding environment of your parking facilities. Based on the coherent and increasingly accepted international safety standards, NPD can design customized parking safety improvement programs including the examinations of safety devices (such as sensors) installment and effective use of systems/equipments, making emergency plans and rules of facilities. NPD conducts risk assessment with concrete metrics on safety/risk status of your facilities in both equipments and operational aspects. NPD regards it important to recognize your business assets risk factors in an objective point of view.

Based on the results of the status examination, NPD can support your planning on the safety improvement measures, their implementation, and their effectiveness assessment after the implementation.